The basic aim of Apple Inc. is to facilitate its users the best. The best example can be of Apple app online store where you can find every kind of app based on your need. Whether you want to do your office work on your iPhone or want to enjoy your leisure time with your iPad, you can do all such activities. Just give a simple visit to Apple app online store in order to get your required app. Minion Runner is one of such apps, which is introduced this year by Norcron in English language to facilitate the iOS users.

Minion Runner – A Cute Character of the Game

This game play is focused on the adventure of Minion Runner in which he encounters unique enemies and hidden opportunities to get reward. You will have to make Minion defeat the enemies and get coins and jewels to make high score. The most interesting part is that the earned points can be used to increase the powers of this cute character and to reach to the next level of the game. Moreover, you can also make in-app purchases to enhance your game play.

Price of the App

The best part about this app is its free availability, which means that enjoying your leisure time is possible now without spending a single penny.

Compatibility of the App

This app is compatible with every iOS device having iOS 6.1 or later. Thus, you can enjoy playing this game play on iPhone, iPad, and even iPod Touch. The best part about this app compatibility is that it has been optimized to be used on iPhone 5 as well. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the app requires 29.8 MB space in the gadget to be downloaded.

You can free download Minion Runner iPhone Game for Apple App Store here.


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