Slice Geom Free Android Puzzle Game

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by Jimmy on July 25, 2014

Slice Geom free is interesting puzzle game developed by Math Nook. In this puzzle there are the geometric shapes you have to arrange the shapes in the equal parts.  Slice Geom Free is going to increase your thinking process and is going to refresh and polish your brain.

Challenge yourself; increase your thinking, problem solving and logical skills.

There are easy and hard levels in the game, total 40 levels are there in Slice Geom free so the users can enjoy unique and variety of the puzzles in app. Every level has something  interesting to do. 20 levels are the easiest levels and 20 are the hard levels, user can choose the level according to his own choice.

Best Puzzle game for the students


This game is best for the students and the growing children because this puzzle helps to increase logic building skills of the students as they are going to try every time new logic to solve the puzzle. This game can also be played in different languages like English, Russian, French and German . As this puzzle game helps you to increase your thinking, problem solving and logical skills you are also going to see noticeable change in your daily life routine tasks.

Easy to Play:


This puzzle game is easy to play , just keep your mind present and concentrate on the game, try different kinds of the logics and your puzzle is easily solved. You don’t have to worry if you are  stuck at some level there are hints available in every level. The video links are also available for all the levels.

Slice Geom Free is availaible on the Play Store and is free of cost. Your suggestions and feedbacks are the only way by which are able to know that are you satisfied with app. Share your suggestion about Slice Geom free so we can add  your suggestion in the next versions of this puzzle game.



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