Whoever said that music is the food of the soul never lied. What would your world be like without listening to the latest Coldplay or Bastille joints? Yet, things are getting better for every rhythm lover with the October 13th 2014 arrival of Swizzle – Mix & Loop Free Music Playlists.

Overview of iOS Swizzle – Mix & Loop Free Music Playlists app:

Truth be told, exploring the world of music and sharing the best playlists is not that easy. In most cases some apps will not integrate on your friend’s devices but worry not for this iPhone app is about to solve your problems.

Swizzle is an iOS app that performs like a social platform for sharing your favorite music with millions of other users. This app was created by the guys who won some of the awards at the BeGlobal Conference of 2014.
The keyword here is sharing meaning you can get access to playlists that suit any type of occasion you or other users have in mind. For instance, if you are looking for a house party playlist just log in and you will get the best compilation. The best part is that all this is free; once you sign up just start connecting with other music buffs instantly.
The Beauty of iOS Swizzle:
What makes this the perfect music app of 2014 and beyond? Take a look:

- Versatility: Who can use Swizzle – Mix & Loop Free Music Playlists? Well, everyone. Whether you are an upcoming musician who wants to share with music lover or just an ordinary music lover who has a vintage collection to share, everyone will find this app invaluable.

- Dynamic Interface: It features one of the friendliest user interfaces you can find on a music app. Swizzle allows you to easily build, share and add more music to your playlists.

- No Cost: All you need is an iOS 7.0 device and you are good to go.

- Ideal Meeting Point: If you love interacting with people who share common interests this is the app to upload now. You can socialize with music lovers from all over the globe.

- Amazing Features: Swizzle supports continuous play and background play in your playlists, allows for easy invite, recommending feature, updating capability and of course sharing.
Swizzle – Mix & Loop Free Music Playlists is optimized for iPhone 5 and can be used on all iOS devices. What’s more it has benefited from fine tuning since launch including:

– Including fixing bugs to fix crash problems

– i0S 8 optimization

– Explicit content screening

– Design modification

– Option of private or public lists.
Still fretting over your forthcoming party music mix? Just download Swizzle on your iOS device and savor the joy of a thrilling music experience.


Download the app for Free at


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