10 Most Expensive Apps That’ll Steal Your Heart

Well, it is a subject of curiosity for Android users that what maximum cost they can pay for using an Android app. Usually, a vast majority of apps are free at Google Play Store so this curiosity is normal. If the curiosity is not letting you sleep then you can read this post. It is about 10 most expensive Android apps until date. Well, you should not mind opening your mouth with surprise at each app because you are going to surprise with each word that you will read after this.

#1-Merck Manual Suite + Drugs — $79.95

It is the king of Google Play Store, at least in terms of price. Tagged with price tag of $79.95, it is an appropriate application for the ones, who want to take medicinal reference. However, it does not offer much in technical details. The extensive library of resourceful references makes people to buy this app despite of its expensiveness.

#2- 5-Minute Clinical Consult — $79.95

Well, you will surely like to have this application on your SmartPhone as it amazingly gives you evidence-based guidance on the diagnosis & management of over 900 health related conditions.

#3- Copilot Live — $81.41

Available at the cost of $81.41, this application is known for its turn-by-turn navigation. Though, there are multiple applications available in this category but this application steals the show.

#4-Green Caddy Golf: Korea — $89.99

If you are looking for an app to assist in your golf play then this app is perfect. It tells you about your distance from the green golf courses no matter from where you access the app. By paying $89.99, you can get this app for your Android SmartPhone.

#5- Halo Reach Xbox 360 Theme — $99.00

Developed by Onion Rings Studios, Halo Reach Xbox 360 Theme has been sold for hundreds of times. It is an extremely adventures first person shooting game.

#6- Destinator 9 — Western Europe — $99.99

Available at the expense of $99.99, the ‘Destinator 9 — Western Europe’ is an amazing navigation application. But, it gives more features instead of just turn-by-turn navigation.

#7- MobileNavigator GPS — $126.58

This is an amazing application, which provides ample scope for live navigation. It gives you clear insights on live traffic.

#8 Emergency Central — $129.95

Created by Unbound Medicine, this application is available at the cost of $129.95. You can easily get this application and install in your SmartPhone. You can enter your query and get the answer on the basis of renowned medical journals.

#9- Anesthesia Central — $149.95

Like the previous app, the same developer has created this application. It gives professional insights to cater a patient before and after the treatment.

#10 Vuvuzela World Cup Horn Plus

If you are missing the sound of Vuvuzela horn since the last world cup then you just need to download this application. It is an interesting app. You just need to download the app and enjoy the enthusiastic horn of Vuvuzela. People call it a waste of money but $200 will be a nominal amount if you want to relive the moment when your home team won an important match in the last FIFA World cup. You will relive the moment again and rejoice in your monotonous lifestyle. So, you can get your hands on this app.

So, here you can choose an app that suits best to your needs. Purchasing an expensive app will also give a lavish standard to you among your friends. So, just navigate to Google play store, make payment, and get these apps.
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    As i am game lover here is the list of Gaming app that you would love to have for your android device:

    1. Angry Birds Go!
    2. Jamaker – Fruit Story
    3. Gold Miner Fred
    4. Fruit Ninja
    5. Grow

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