3 Best Download Manager For Android

Downloading file on mobile phone browser is not a good option. There are many risk of crashing files due to network or any other issue. That’s why we recommend you to use download manager for Android. There are a lot of benefits of using download manager. People even prefer to use download manager on computer for downloading large files. While using download manager you can manage your downloads like pause, resume, schedule your downloads and safe the files in connection lost etc. So today we find top 3 best download manager for your Android mobile phone.

List of top 3 best download manager for Android phone:
1. Xwind Download Manager
Xwind is one of the top best download manager for Android phone which is free for download. It has a buit-in file manager and ftp server logger. Whenever you click on download link in browser the pop up open and run in background.
Following are the cool features of Xwind download manager.

  • Monitor progress of file download with flow window
  • Powerful and convenient file manager (open,copy,cut,set as ringtone,set as wallpaper etc.)
  • ftp server logger
  • Pause & Resume downloads
  • Notification on download complete
  • History for files downloaded
  • Supports all file types

Free download Xwind Download Manager for Android Phone App.

2. Download Buddy download manager
Download Buddy allow you to download and save Google attachments. Like Xwind download manager it also run in background and pop up open whenever you click on download link in browser. The cost of download buddy is $0.99.

Following are the cool features of download Buddy download manager.

  • Download any file
  • Open after download option
  • Support all file types
  • Support for megaupload.com
  • Background service
  • Pop-up Download
  • Support for downloading Gmail attachments
  • Login for links that require login to download

Free download Buddy download manager.

3. ByteTornado Download Manager
ByteTornado downloader is yet another free and one of the most favorite download manager. This download manager has the built in browser for downloading files which can download all types of files.
Following are the cool features of ByteTornado download manager.

  • Pause/resume support
  • capable of downloading large files
  • Download over HTTP/HTTPS
  • Download all types of file
  • Build-in web browser for easy browsing

Free download ByteTornado download manager.

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