3D Tank Battling with Tank Hero Defense

Are you a fan of tank battles? If yes, then that means the Tank Hero Defense is just made for you. In this game, the hero tanks are supposed to destroy the enemy tanks that have taken control over the world. You are supposed to be the tank hero by destroying these tanks.

Although the tanks of the enemies have special powers but the tank of the heroes are much better because they are accurate and speedy so you can easily destroy the tanks of your enemies during the war.

Tank Hero Defense Battle Demo Video:

The plot of the game says that there are 20 locations or levels which have been recaptured by the enemy tanks. The last level is the toughest level of all and if you make through this level successfully, you have won the game.

Have a look at the features of Tank Hero Defense:

  • 60 tank battle levels
  • 3D environment
  • Upgrades are available in the environment as you get to destroy the tanks of the enemies
  • 5 different enemy battle tanks having different AI
  • Real-time environment and real-time physics

You are supposed to destroy all the tanks of the enemies, save the world and become a hero. This 3D game is easy and fun to play.


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