A Gander At Walking With Dinosaurs – Dino Run The Game

Almost every single person have heard about in the least (if not watched and greatly loved) the Walking with Dinosaurs Movie. The animation documentary film which has appealed to the masses for its leading animation and gripping tale has now been transformed into a game for iOS users. Compatible with iOS 4.3 and forward, the app was specifically designed for the iPhone 5.

Main Features:

The game constitutes of numerous levels through which the user’s main playing character (Pachi the miniscule Pachyrhinosaurus) will have to plod his way through. With plenty of obstacles in his way, the mystery and challenging level of the game enhances with every finished level. The four main objectives of the game can be summed up as follows:

  • Escape

There are hungry dinosaurs that are in search of the Pachi. The Gorgosaurus will not stop at any cost to feast upon the miniscule dinosaur. Being apparently always hungry, there is no chance of him catching up to you and letting you to go due to a full stomach.

  • Break

Obstacles appear in every single level in numerous places in the game and you need to break them in order to pass. Bonuses are also hidden in plenty of places. The obstacles which are small enough to be broken down need to be as it shall clear your path for more fun and action to come your way.

  • Dodge

Being apparently miniscule, Patchi cannot fight the big herds of dinosaurs which roam the land ungoverned. He needs to steer clear of them and dodging them seems to be the best solution at hand. Besides, the bigger obstacles like trees need to be dodged as well.

  • Charge

There are however those dinosaurs which are known as scavengers. These you shall need to charge them and finish them off. These menacing Troodons are the bane of your life in the app.

The accumulation of bonuses shall unlock multiple new settings for users which includes new players, characters and sceneries. Being priced at $0.99 only at the iTunes store, the game is a must try.

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