Air Printer– Tool That Any Should Be Used By Any Business

Printing and effective file management are one of the most important things if you want to have a functional office and business. However, even though computer printing (both wireless and cable) and file management are relatively well developed, file management, editing and printing from smartphones, most notably iPhones, is somehow challenging and difficult.

For that purposes there are apps like Air Printer. Critically acclaimed, respected and loved by iOS users, Air Printer will enable you easy file management and printing of your documents. It is a document editor with which you will be able to easily draw, write, edit or share any kind of documents. There will be no need for you to transfer the files on a Mac and edit them on it. With this app you will be able to edit any type of document that you think is possible.

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Any popular file format you may think of is included. From .csv and pdf, to jpg and MS office files, you will be able to easily edit and manage them on your iPhone or iPad. The app has that ultra-beautiful and highly-intuitive interface. This is crucially important as you need to be effective and to manage the documents with easiness and joy. If the app is clumsy and repellant you wouldn’t make any use of it. But that is not the case with Air Printer.

There are some neat features you can do with Air Printer. For example you can present pdf on an Apple tv, create new PDF, scan and edit it. Transfer any file from desktop to the app and vise versa via a WiFi connection. You can view, edit, upload or download any document and even convert different images and file formats to PDF. Additionally, each file you have on your iPhone or iPad can be organized in different folders and subfolders.

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Air Printer is stable and smooth file management tool that many businesses can find extremely useful. Even though it is mostly a file management tool, it also works with majority of printers and you can print within the app! Air Printer is a tool that should be used by any business.

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