All in One Social Network iPhone App Sendwitch

I was a crazy social media lover and to be honest, I am still the one. Due to my craze, I created my account on each of the available social media sites. My story does not end here, as i always love to access my all accounts via my beloved iPad. This sounds little techno and little troublesome too but I like using social media network this way, as this sounds cool despite of the inconvenience Signing In and Signing Out of every social media account caused to me.

Yes, it is true, I used to feel Signing In and Signing out process quite annoying then I decided to find an app with which I can access all my social media accounts on my gadget simultaneously. I spare my day to conduct a research on Apple app online store. There I found lots of amazing apps but the one, which grabbed my attention was Sendwicth.

Sendwitch is the creation of Takahiro Ishihara and is available in English and Japanese languages. It is a paid version and will cost you only $0.99 but in return, it will offer you an amazing convenience to use all social media sites altogether. Whether you want to use Facebook, Twitter, Tencent, Flicker, Sina Weibo, Vimeo, and even your email, you can use this smart app to access all of them simultaneously. The need is just to tap the screen to perform your required function on your desired social media site. Changing the angle of the app screen is also not difficult, as you can do so by just rotating the gadget.

The best part is that you cannot use this smart app only on iPad like I did but can also use it on iPhone and iPod Touch because of its compatibility to iOS 7.0 or later. You can free  download Senwitch iPhone App from Apple App Store here.

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