All music instruments are Available in Single Android App Now

For all the music lovers, it is important that they may know how to play any instrument. Earlier, we used to purchase the musical instruments, but it is not necessary anymore. With the facility of smartphone, you can now download these instruments in your phone in the form of apps.

Made up for Android, the Walk Band, has all the virtual instruments like guitar, piano, bass, multi-track synthesizer and much more. These musical items give you the real time beats upon playing and you feel like if you are playing with the real tools. You can use this app for playing music anywhere at anytime with your friends or in any gathering.

Music App Cool Features:

The amazing feature in this app is that you can attach an external keyboard in it of any brand. The additional features of this app are:

  • Its piano is multi-touch.
  • The guitar can be played on the solo mode.
  • You can play a MIDI keyboard to do audio recording.
  • If you put pressure on some piano key, it will detect it.
  • Bass is also available in solo mode.
  • Pitch control in drum machine is also available.
  • Drum kit offers you different demo beats such as ChaCha, Polka, Rock, Waltz, Ballad, Latin Rock and so many others.
  • Drum machine MIDI recording facility is also installed in this app.


The multi-track synthesizer offers you to import your existing recording. It mixes the different tracks to one music track. While recording the track, you can add, delete, and change the volume of recording easily.

Along with these amazing features of instruments, you can add your recorded music to your collection and can hear it later. You can also share it with your friends and on social media too. This app is exclusively available for the Android users. It has a great layout and is very user friendly.


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