Amazon Launches its 7 Inch Consumer Kindle Tablet

In recent years there has been much debate about Amazon plans for a Tablet. We heard recently that Samsung has plans to launch 7-inch tablet in 2011. However, until now, it was all rumor and speculation.

Amazon new Kindle Tablet is under processing, and if Amazon delivered its new tablet as promised, consumers can get their hands on this new tablet for the holiday season. However, while Amazon initially Promised to produce both 7 – and 10-inch tablets, amazon confirmed that they produces only smallest version 7-inch tablet, and it might be a best business decision as well at this time.
Amazon’s reported decision to withdraw its 10 inches pad even before its end, has been criticized as a step that leaves fans tablets out of the equation. Most other manufacturers of tablets Android both have a large offering of 10 inches and one smaller than 7 inches to account for the low-end crowd. But some industry watchers say that Amazon may well have a winner here. On the contrary, it will be an “Android Tablet Killer”.

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And, as the Price? Rumors of a tablet of “hundreds of less” than the iPad 2 prove to be correct, and its Price is $250. And it is less to hundreds of a tablet that seems to be able to offer much smaller. It is certainly not going to compete with the IPAD 2, and now seeks to make the color Nook. But there will be reason enough for consumers who want Nook color cut for Amazon compressed, and it will be good enough to attract consumers Android tablet on the market, looking for an alternative budget? Perhaps, if it can get rooted with some proper Android instead of a pre-2.2 build.

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