Amazon’s Responding To The Terms Of Apple Web-based Kindle Cloud Reader

Amazon responds to Apple app terms with Kindle Cloud Reader. Amazon has released Kindle Cloud Reader. This software has been released all over the world quietly by Amazon. This application is based on HTML-5 and improved for Chrome and Safari desktop browsers. Other thing that is unexpected is that it is optimized for Safari on the iPad too.
If you remember, Amazon has recently had to change its native application IOS iPad Kindle in response to new requirements that all Apple applications purchases would be subject to the same conditions as shopping Store application: that is, revenue split.

You can access the Kindle Cloud Reader Here

Amazon far away the Kindle Store link from the applications. But on the Kindle Cloud Reader, this link reappear.

Kindle Cloud Reader are not available in any iPhone version at this time, but Amazon state that additional browsers are coming in near future.
Optimized version of the iPad went to live means more than “20000 hits, classic Hollywood and independent films,” film fans, and also, importantly, no points for Apple.

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With Facebook also is trying to take on Apple with its own application store HTML5, which seems to love Apple’s browser, Safari can be a little bit problem for children.

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