Android app Skitch is a fun and fast way to create great images on your phone

If you are a Mac user, than the name Skitch is very familiar to you. Mobile version of this application is now available on Android Smartphones. Recently Android launches its great application named as Skitch. You can take a snapshot of a great moment or import a photo with Skitch, then add a caption or a sketch.

Skitch has a great feature for Social networking sites. You can post your images on Facebook, Twitter etc with Skitch. It allows you to save your annotated image in Evernote. Skitch is a fun and fast way to create great pictures annotated photographs and sketches of ideas.

Skitch calling Android addictively fun is an understatement. It ‘the perfect way to quickly attract the attention of any image, take a snapshot of something great, draw an arrow, and add a title, then placed the picture on Twitter or Facebook. When you have a conference in shooting people you meet, it is marked with their name and save it to Evernote. Quickly sketch a graph or a unicorn! Get it now, it’s free!

How it works

When you start Skitch, you are presented with three options: take a picture, upload the photo gallery or start with a blank canvas. Let’s take a snapshot. When you are finished, the image appears on Skitch prepared remarks.

As you can see, there are two options files. Bar action buttons on top form and are related to high-level features of image, such as delete, undo, and share. Bottom line in the form of buttons in the toolbar, which has all the additions and drawing tools.

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The Tool Bar

Starting from the left:

  • Color and size Popover: Press to select the color and thickness of your items.
  • Highlighter pencil: You can create freeform shapes with your finger or stylus. Tap and hold to reveal a highlighter tool, which creates a semi-transparent lines appear.
  • Arrow: Click the arrows to the good stuff is known for Skitch.
  • Select: Press any object and drag to change its position.

The Action Bar

Starting from the left:

  • Home: This returns you to the home screen.
  • Trash: Delete a selected object or clear the screen by tapping and holding the option.
  • Undo / Redo: Step back or forward through your notes.
  • Share: Share annotated the image with other applications on the device.
  • Send to Evernote: This option appears when installing Evernote. More on this later…

Skitch Android app: developed by Evernote Corp.
Package name: com.evernote.skitch.apk
Download Link
File size: 1.1MB

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