Android Supported PlayBook Coming Next Month

Research In Motion Tablet Playbook was scheduled for an upgrade to support the application Android for very long. Originally scheduled for a summer release, RIM has delayed the upgrade, and will also offer other important features, until the end of the year. It now appears that may have a solid date for this update could happened.

According to Engadget, the update over the air, is one of the things planned for RIM developer conference next month. RIM apparently revealed the secret during his press conference, adding that updating the game for Android application player, a native of email, calendar, contacts and applications and the BlackBerry Store Video, happen next month. The company also plans to show the QNX development platform and based on some devices that are currently being tested.

PlayBook owners: The wait for Android apps is almost over, with RIM planning to release a major PlayBook update during its annual North American DevCon event next month in San Fransisco.”

The information is out of winning the appeal of RIM Q2, with the information – collected by Engadget – suggesting that this major update includes the Android application player, native calendar, email and contacts, as well as the new BlackBerry Video Store. No word yet on whether the video store will be for U.S. users only, but it is likely, given the complexity of content licenses.

At the end of last month, Bloomberg has reported that RIM’s BlackBerry 2012 could allow an application to run Android, too. Reference to three people familiar with the plan, Bloomberg said that since 2012, RIM Introduces the Android-based QNX compatible with Blackberry. As far as I know, RIM does not comment on these reports, when speaking of the Developer Conference, but we imagine that we will learn more about the possibilities of Android applications running on QNX Blackberry DevCon next month.


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