Angry Birds Seasons Ham’O’ween Now Available For Android & iOS, Download Free

We have a great news for all Angry Birds addicts. Rovio, has released another game update for this Halloween season i.e. the Angry Birds Seasons Ham’o’ween v2.0.0. So you must want to download this special Halloween download for Android and iOS.

Angry Birds Seasons Ham’o’ween offers many updates just for this Halloween season, like:

  • New Orange Bird:The Orange Bird is unlocked on level 1-4. He’s a tiny little guy, about the size of the blue bird, but he’s hiding a “big” secret. You can trigger him to MASSIVELY inflate at any point in-flight or about 2-seconds after contact, after that he will auto-inflate. No he doesn’t explode, but rather he hangs out for a bit before he deflates and flies off. Awesome! He does seem to slice through wood pretty well.

  •  Seasons episodes are now broken down in two categories: 2011 and 2012.
  • 30 new levels all themed for a slightly darker Halloween.

  •  One hidden Golden Egg and a bonus “Big Black Pumpkin” Golden Egg level.
  • 6 new achievements, which are currently available on iOS only.
  • Bright Side of the Moon achievement bug has been fix, but you may have to re-defeat levels 1-15 and/or 2-15.
  • Seasons Greeding 1-16 feather threshold is lowered. Congrats to those who got their badge before the threshold was changed.
  • The Golden Egg numbering has been removed completely! So I suppose our numbering is now the sacrosanct, which means we may finally be able to publicly release the Angry Birds Seasons Golden Eggs Leaderboard.

  •  Pro Tip: The dark pumpkins act as TNT. The orange pumpkins are worth 3,000 points, as are the skulls with eyes lit.

Download Angry Birds Seasons Ham’O’ween for Android HERE

Download Angry Birds Seasons Ham’O’ween for iPhone HERE

Download Angry Birds Seasons Ham’O’ween for iPad HERE

Check out this video of Angry Birds Seasons Ham’O’ween below:

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