Apple Releases iOS 5 Beta 5 for Developers

iOS 5 is the latest release of Apple, it is Apple’s 5th Beta version, which is a departure from his habit of driving on the beta during the work week. There are no major add-ons with this release. But one of its new feature is Hearing Aid Mode. It is designed to improve compatibility between devices using IOS and hearing aids. IOS 5 beta!

iOS Beta 5 was made available over the air but users must remove all settings and content before upgrading. Apple suggests their users before installing iOS beta 5, to keep backup your iTunes or icloud 10.5 beta 4. This new version can restore all data after completing the installation. But some users, who skipped the process announced they had no problems with the new beta version.

Previously beta was launched in July last year, when the air and download the update. Added by Sync Wi-Fi for users of Windows, which allows users to wirelessly synchronize your device with the IOS of your iTunes library. Apple has often several beta versions of software developers are more important for them to work on the problems and give them time to integrate the new APIs and functionality to their applications.

iOS 5 improves the notifications system and iMessage, it is a new messaging platform in the world.

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