Apple Siri’s new rival Evi, now available to download for iPhone & Android

Siri, which is a good talking personal assistant and most of us are now aware of it or used it. Siri has now a new British rival i.e. Evi.

Although, Evi cannot perform smart functions like adding things to iPhone Calendar, set reminders, set alarms or send an message as Siri does but Evi has a better search engine which give better results than Siri despite they both use same Nuance voice recognition technology for converting speech to text. Like, Evi appears to be more interested in cooking than her counterpart. Asked how to make apple crumble, she shows a link to a recipe from Wikihow entitled “How to Make Apple Crumble: 10 steps (with pictures)”.

Evi is pretty good for some reasons but still is far from Siri. Three weeks ago, True Knowledge has submitted an update for Evi app, but it hasn’t been approved yet. Maybe because Apple is thinking it useless to update as they will be removing the App from App Store.

Check out this video:

Fortunately or unfortunately, Apple is planning to pull Evi app from App Store, as it resembles Siri a lot. Though Evi can’t do many things like Siri nor can it fully replace Siri but may be Apple thinks so.

True Knowledge CEO William Tunstall-Pedoe stated to TechCrunch:

“I don’t think it takes too much of a leap of the imagination to realise that ‘confusingly similar’ is code for ‘competitive with’ – and that all the user and press reviews along the lines of ‘now you don’t need to buy a 4S – you can download Evi’, ‘better than Siri’ etc. have resulted in a change of heart from Apple about allowing its users to get the app.”

Evi is available in App Store and Android Market to download for iPhone and Android. Users can download from the links provided below:

Download Evi for iPhone HERE

Download Evi for Android HERE

So, download this Siri’s rival app “Evi” and give it a try. Don’t forget to give us your feedback.




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