Apple to Reveal Television Set OS at WWDC

BGR claims to have got information from a “trusted source” showing that Apple will show the operating system for its television set at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) up coming month. The company is allegedly making a public unveiling of the OS ahead of the real product in order to allow third party makers to build features into their components to allow them to be managed from the Apple television set and remote.

This new OS is said to be very much more function complete than the current OS that runs on the Apple TV, and is seemingly the one that Apple’s upcoming HDTV will run. Yes, that one.

We have heard Apple is definitely trying to court companies to use a new “control out” API in order for third-party makers to make accessories that are suitable with the new Apple TV OS and the upcoming “iTV.” It’s said that by utilizing the API, it will be possible to management any connected components all from the Apple remote.

The report’s source signifies that Apple is not likely to show off its real television set at WWDC, and most gossips have suggested that the company is not going to introduce the product until late this year at the earliest.

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