Are you tired of old way of getting things organized during team projects?

Are you involved in team projects most of times? Are you a team lead and have to manage things between the team members? If answer to these questions is yes then stop worrying. It is because Redbooth is here to facilitate. It is a simple user-friendly app that is enabling its users to manage things in team projects at its best. All you must do is to download this app on your gadgets either it is Android or iOS this app will work at its best.

Either it is about collaborating on the project, communication between the team members or sharing of the files, Redbooth will facilitate in each and everything. Let us see what prominent features this wonderful and simple to use app offers to its users:

  • Update the tasks, add your feedback in a snap and track the projects
  • Chat with all your team members or send private messages to them
  • Get integrated support with already services like Dropbox, Google drive, Outlook, SharePoint Online and so on
  • Get the customized notifications on getting messages on desktop, tablets, phones and even e-mails

In short, with Redbooth enjoy working in teams in a new manner at its best.

You can free download Redbooth app from Apple App Store and Google Play store here. You can read more of redbooth official websites

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