Battlefield Commando Black Ops Android and iPhone Game

You have to follow the tutorial of the game which was played previously. Gameplay, location and graphics of the game really didn’t seem so different as compared to the game of Battlefield Combat Black Ops. It’s about the war which was started a long time ago and is almost forgotten by the people living on earth. Some people do remember about the war but very few people remember the reason of this war.



While playing the game you have the option of playing it in three different modes. Firstly, you can play it in mode of unlimited money. Secondly, you could play it in a mode of unlimited energy. And thirdly you could play it in a mode of unlimited Medic-kits.




While playing this game you will definitely experience the real 3D graphics which were optimized for a broad variety of devices. You can also have the option of building your very own base. You can only play this game in online mode.
You can also play this game in a Multiplayer option or could engage in difficult player versus player battles. It have a range of options starting from easy which is meant for learning, and from hard level to master level. You can play this game completely free. You have the option of continual waves of AI proscribed enemies and it is a modern combat game which you will definitely remember.


Requirement of the game:


For the purpose of playing this game you should have Android version 2.3 and also latest than that. You can easily play it on I phone, tablet, or any other smart phone which you are using right now. You just have to download it and then enjoy playing for free. It’s the best online game present. So you should definitely try it once.

You can free download from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


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