Best Car Parking Game on Android Store

Car parking mania game is the best road car simulator of the year 2016. Now you have a chance to drift and drive the car all around the city and feel like you are driving your real racing car in the city. So, become a furious racer and enjoy you free time by downloading this game. There is no need to apply brakes while playing the game because of traffic, racing cars, and other vehicles, so you can freely perform all the illegal action stunts and run your car at full speed without being worried about police chase.


While playing this game you can do drifting as fast as you want and could do burnouts in whole city. This game is very challenging as there are many difficult levels, and each one of them is really unique and all this give us possibilities to drift our car on the roads. In the levels of the game you have to pass through different obstacles, and while driving any sports car in any level of the game you will have to drive really fast, if you want to drift and jump.


Game play:

In this game you have to park your vehicle and try to avoid hitting the obstacles while driving in big city world. As we all know that this game is based on car parking, and the goal of the game is to park the car in the given position, but keep in mind that you will have to face different obstacles, elevators, gates, hard ways and many more in your way to park a car.

You can break the rules of the roads for finding the parking place of your car. You should learn to trick your car on all the sharp turns, small or congested bends and through minute lanes. While driving a car, parking is the toughest thing to learn about. You have to get skilled for parking your car at tricky spots like getting parked between two vehicles, overturn parking, parking in a garage etc.

While playing the game you will definitely discover several difficult situations, from which each one of them would belong to a particular context of driving, and all of them were taking place in an inner city world.

Download now: Car Parking Mania

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