Bingo Bash Review

If you love playing Bingo, then Bingo Bash, the world’s #1 bingo app, is made for you. It comes with the brand new Wheel of Fortune Bingo which is going to make the experience of playing Bingo even more fun. Join 4 million others players who are currently connected and they are actively playing Bingo from different parts of the world.

It will not be wrong to call Bingo Bash a social app because you can play Bingo with not just your friends, but you can also invite other people from different parts of the world to play Bingo with you. Now how great is that? But there is more, you can also chat with them.

Features of Bingo Bash

Take a look at the features of the game:

  • There are 350+ levels to play with 50+ ways to play
  • There are plenty of exciting bingo rooms to unlock such as pot of gold, Wild West and Purrfect crime.
  • You can play bingo games real time and team up with friends to score bonuses
  • There are plenty of power ups and in-app purchases to make
  • Get chips by collecting gems and other collectibles

More than just Bingo

It is not just bingo that you can enjoy playing, there are Slot room games, wonder rooms and seasonal room games there for you to play too.

This high quality game has wonderful graphics which attract you to play the game even more. The front is crisp and clean and the game is easy for anyone for play. The best part is that it is free, you just have to download the game in your android phone or iPhone/iPad and you can get started.

What can be more fun than playing bingo in real time? The rewards you will collect will make the game even more fun.


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