Blackberry Free sms App

Today i found a blackberry Free sms App, so i like to share it with you. This app is for those peoples who love to send sms messages to your friends and coleagues… but thay always wish to send longer messages !!! because blackberry default sms chraacter is 160 so its not enoughf. Now don’t worry today i found solution for you. You can aend chat style bubble SMS application that is easy to use and allows those long continuous messages you always wanted to send. How do they get around the 160 character limit? crunchSMS splits the SMS message into 160 character message lengths and sends the message on its way on CDMA networks. This app works on OS versions 4.5,4.6.,4.7 and 5.0, however it will not work on 8350i phones. User ratings for the crunchSMS app are averaging 4.0 and it’s free, so give it a try!

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Download from your blackberry.

Install from your BlackBerry browser

Install from your BlackBerry browser

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