Blackberry Torch 9860 Review

The Blackberry Torch 9860 is manufacturer RIM’s (Research in Motion) latest development to hit the market, with a release date coming soon on August 22nd 2011. The first of Blackberry’s fully capacitive handsets, the 9860 promises to be a strong rival to other high-end phones in the stores and has an array of competitive features both for entertainment and business.

Aesthetically, the phone breaks away from the traditional Blackberry model with a full touchscreen and slender design which measures out to be 11.5mm, which still doesn’t quite compete with main rival, the Samsung Galaxy S II, which comes in at a mere 8.49mm. The phone does still retain a Blackberry identity to it however, as the optical trackpad remains below the 3.7 inch screen and a call and end button, a back button and the Blackberry button.

The screen is perhaps the highlight of the 9860. With a 15:9 aspect ratio it does make it seem quite long and thin, though this does not compromise colour or contrast, with the Blackberry Liquid Screen offering vivid colour display and sharp readability to match too.

Being fully capacitive as well, this allows for multi-touch functions and high responsiveness and also allows for an on-screen QWERTY keyboard. Behind the screen, the 9860 is powered by an impressive 1.2 GHz processor which is integrated with the new Blackberry 7 operating system.

The 9860’s large screen gives great opportunities for taking photos with the 5 megapixel camera on the back, which also houses the HD video recording function, another great tool to have in your pocket. One downside however, is its relatively small memory capacity, with only 4GB of memory available. However, this can be solved easily however, by upgrading with a Micro SD card.

Perhaps another downside to the 9860 compared with other smartphones is the lack of applications. Blackberry Messenger 6 is installed however, another big draw for the Blackberry platform, and RIM have produced another competitive smartphone for today’s market. Find out what they’re up against by checking out phone deals online at

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