Blogger has launched its new application for iOS devices

Blogger has launched its new application for iOS devices on 08 Sept.2011. With this application you can easily write on your blog, publish it or save it as a project for your iOS device. You can easily edit your old posts which are saved as draft. You can access all messages with the iOS device.

Using the iOS device you can easily add photos to your blog post. You can select photos from the gallery also. You can add tags and location in the blog post to provide additional information on your post.

You can Download the Blogger app for iOS versions 3.2 and above in the iTunes App Store. You can write blog posts in all languages with the use of this app.

With the application of Blogger, you can write a new blog and publish it immediately or save it as a project of IOS device. You can also open a blog that has worked in the computer for editing while you’re on the go. Her blog entries are automatically synchronized between devices, so you always have access to the latest version.

Pictures say a thousand words, and the application Blogger is easy to add pictures, select from the gallery or take a new image for the right application. You can also add labels to provide more information and the details about the post.

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