Cheap, Easy and Fast Unlock Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

Great news for the owner of Sony Ericsson Xperia X8, now you can easily and quickly unlock your phone with much cheaper rates. Today I found that Devinci Team got an EMMA Dongle, which unlock your Xperia X8. After goggling it I find that, it’s much cheaper, fast and easy unlock. You just need to visit Davinci Team site here, first choose the service “Sony Ericsson services” Click Next > Select “CSCA Activation” instead of “Unlock”, than choose Phone model, enter promo code (if you have any) Press Next and finish to checkout.

CSCA is a special key in EMMA dongle, which the help of this key new unlock zone can be written in your phone.

Most of the unlocking tool in the market, unlock using security vulnerability in phone’s loader to reset security zone. But CSCA unlock using SE’s servers to calculate new security zone. So we can say that, it one of the secure unlock.

CSCA activation may take some time due to possible overload in services, so your request for unlocking may be in queue and you operation may be scheduled. So, don’t worry and try again, it will not take more than few minutes.

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