Christmas Game JetPack Santa is now available for iPad

Assisting kids through not for profit causes is always a respectable attempt. It can be a fun attempt too when it comes to video game like JetPack Santa.

JetPack Santa has been made as part of the UK charitable trust. It’s actually an initiative dedicated to increasing money to help young people get back into work in limited areas across the United Kingdom. As anyone that is skilled the marketplace place worldwide lately, it’s challenging out there, and youth need all the help they can get. The Prince’s Trust does specifically that.

Christmas Game JetPack Santa
Download JetPack Santa For iPad

Designed by a team of Hewlett Packard United kingdom in partnership with the Serious Games Institute at Coventry University, ‘JetPack Santa’ is an all action game which sees Santa traveling by air all around the world seeking to deliver presents to all the children. Calling their selves Whacked Prattle, the team of six volunteers. Hope the game will be on everyone’s Christmas wish-list. You can also Download Angry Birds Christmas Edition for iPhone and iPad and Free download Christmas wallpapers and screensavers.

It’s really a fun and seasonal game with Santa desiring to fly around the world to deliver gifts to children. It’s a great way to get into the joyful spirit and help some suitable young people too. Download now for your iPad. See link Below:
Christmas Game JetPack Santa is now available for iPad

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