Cloud Computing Apps on your Android phone

Cloud computing is based on the concept of utilizing public or private networks for distributing the processing and storage capacity to a group of end users. Your Android phone can be used exclusively to unleash the power of Cloud computing. It can have a variety of Cloud computing applications that make things quite comfortable and efficient.

Below are some of the Cloud computing apps that provide sublime powers to your phone: is a free private online business application. It helps you to perform banking activities on your phone. It assists you in classifying your expenses and shows you different charts and plots based on your expenses. You can see all your recent transactions without any fuss. This unique application helps you in forecasting your expenditure and cutting down on unneeded expenses. It is really an asset to have this app installed on your Android phone.

Safe Wallet enables to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of your data. You can get access to the stored and encrypted data on your laptop or desktop using the powers of cloud computing. These exclusive features make it a powerful android application.

Google docs is a cloud computing application that makes it very simple to read or write documents over the web. You can easily retrieve documents that are stored in the cloud and read them without having them on your Android phone. This is probably one of the best android cloud computing apps.

Docusign Ink application helps you to sign practically any document sent to you through email or stored in cloud services like Google Drive or Box.

Sugar Sync is an advanced android application that boosts the file distribution capabilities of your phone by using wireless mechanism. Cloud provides provisional storage of the information to be shared across the network. This is an extremely admired application and provides a new dimension to your android phone.

AndroNoter provides you the ability to make simple notes. It is well connected to the online Simple note service available over the cloud. You can write your own notes and synchronize them with this service. You can easily visualize all these notes in the application.

Flickr is an elegant application with an amazing lightweight interface. It connects your Android phone to your account. You can browse different photos and view your favorites and pictures. It provides you the option to upload images to from your Android phone.

Google Cloud Print application provides you with amazing technology features. It helps you print the documents stored on the Cloud. Breezy is another innovative cloud application that helps you to print and fax documents stored over the web.

iAnnotate PDF is an influential app for reading and interpreting PDFs on your Android phone. iAnnotate improves your throughput with its well-planned interface. It lets you manage, search, annotate and share documents more frequently over the web. You can open multiple pdfs at the same time making the app extremely effective.

The Cloud computing apps enhance the power of your Android phone by making things easier, faster and efficient.

Natasha is writer and bloger, currently writes for Ninefold, Australia. She contributes to the online society by blogging on a variety of topics, currently exploring in cloud computing, cloud server and other popular tech related trends.

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