Control Your Computer’s Spotify Experience With Spotimote for Android

Spotimote allows you to easily control your PC’s Spotify installation. Your PC’s spotify installation controlled easily with your android powered mobile device.

Download Free Spotify Remote for Android

Now you can play, pause, adjust volume, seek and access to Spotify database. You can search your favorite artists and tracks with the help of this application. The great feature is that Spotify and Spotimote connect each other automatically with Wi-Fi, so their is no cumbersome setup to deal with. In the words of developers:

Control Spotify on your PC with Spotimote

F e a t u r e s:

  1. Spotify control: play / pause, next / previous track, volume, shuffle, repeat, etc
  2. Database Access Spotify and search for songs or artists
  3. Manage your bookmarks (tracks, albums …)
  4. Import playlists in your favorites
  5. Use playlists (Spotify Premium Account Required)

Spotimote communicates with the server component via WiFi. The connection is automatic, you do not specify an IP address or something.

After installing the server component, when it first starts, it asks for the Windows Firewall. You need access to server components to the network or not be able to communicate with the device called Android.

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