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If you plan to visit Asia soon, we got an app that you must try out. It is the world’s best travel app for Asia and it is adored by more than 250 million people. We are talking about the amazing travel app called Ctrip. It is based for China mostly, but you can use it for anywhere on this continent. Ctrip will basically enable you to find and book hotel, train or any type of service. Let’s see some of the various features Ctrip has to offer.

The app has in-built search that will enable you to search deals and book hotels, flights or train by city or landmark. You can also search by hotels name and see what other people are saying about that particular hotel, what are the prices and deals as well.


















On top of that you can set up your budget and search hotels by price range or some details like swimming pool or free Wi-Fi. The app has in-built map feature as well, so you can clearly see where the hotel is located.

Ctrip offers smooth and intuitive experience. It is a safe travel app that also enables you to book any hotel or service through the app. You can even use the reservation and put into your calendar to plan to the trip better.

If you are strictly focused on China you can you book train, high-speed train tickets and much more. The app is connected with the China high-speed train information center so you will always have the latest timetables and prices.screen322x5726





The app has already large user base on the App Store. It is one of the best and most downloaded travel apps on the App Store. The reasons are obvious and confirmed by us. The app is a feature-rich, intuitive and very well-thought travel app that contains almost all features that can be needed by the travelers.

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