Day One is great journal App for iPhone and available for Download

Day One is an iPhone app by Bloom built, LLC, is a simple registration application for the iPhone that synchronizes full backup and synchronization of Dropbox optional companion for a Mac App.

The record has become a lost art in these day’s and age. We are always on computers, iPhones and other devices. Everything moves so fast, nobody really the time to write a magazine article more. Well, the day one is already here, and you can review at any time, you have the time or inspiration – no need of any paper!

Soon the entire day first to the iPhone is the name of the game, but that does not mean you can not read most of what you have saved. The iPhone has a really cool feature that gives you daily reports on the use of your Day One activity.

Download Day One application For iPhone
Create new entries is a snappy experience – software could not be better designed. I was always impressed with how everything worked, as I explored different parts of the application.
Settings app on the iPhone is exactly the same as the version iPAD, lock and all. There is even support for extracts of TextExpander. When you combine Markdown supported TextExpander, you write a powerful subject.


  • Quick access via the menu bar
  • Sync iPhone / iPad
  • Password protection
  • Calendar
  • Export
  • Inspirational messages
  • Reminder system
  • Search
  • System for Hot-key shortcut
  • List player
  • Command Line Interface
  • Lion (OS 10.7) support

Features Coming This Year:

  • Tags / Categories
  • Photos attached (Mac / iPhone / iPhone)
  • iCloud (sync)
  • Text formatting (bold, italic, text link automatically via Markdown)
  • Full screen writing mode
  • Cryptography
  • Other export formats
  • Many other features planned for regular updates!

Whats new:

  1. New home screen with usage statistics (iPhone)
  2. Custom font size
  3. Markdown / RTF support
  4. Typing Speed improvement
  5. Other bug fixes and improvements
  6. Fixed bugs missing keyboard (3.1.1)

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