Download Adobe Reader free for iPhone and iPad

iOS owners are another way to view PDF files on their devices Now, Adobe has released Adobe Reader, the popular understanding of the application. Adobe Reader iOS, you can open a PDF file from any application that supports the “Open in”, such as mobile Safari and iOS e-mail. It will give you access password-protected files and view additonal PDF content like annotations and drawing markups. It also supports bookmarks and thumbnails, both of which can be used for navigation.

App is desinged to be a reader only, and is a minimalist user interface. Once inside, you can search the document, copy text to clipboard and print. Adobe Reader is a free application available on iOS App Store

Download Adobe Reader Free for iPHONE

View PDF file:

  • Quickly open PDF files from e-mail, web or any application that supports “Open In…”
  • View PDF Portfolios, PDF packages, labels, and drawing markups
  • Read reviews of text as Sticky Notes

Access to encrypted PDF files:

  • Open and view a password-protected PDF files
  • Access to protected files with Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management, which helps protect sensitive documents
  • Supports the highest quality of PDF encryption, up to AES256

Interact with PDF files:

  • Text search to find specific information
  • Use the bookmarks to go directly to the PDF file
  • Choose a single page or continuous scrolling modes
  • Easily zoom in on text or images for a closer review
  • Quickly navigate through large files with thumbnails
  • Select and copy text from a PDF file to the Clipboard

Print files and sharing:

  • Print wirelessly with AirPrint
  • Share your PDF files with other applications using the “Open In…”
  • Email PDF documents as attachments

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