Download Best Ramadan Applications For Android

Muslim Pro: Azan & Quran:

In particular, Android phones, this application is the Islamic calendar, Qibla direction and Julian dates of Islamic holidays. Moreover, the Quran in Arabic and English Roman text and translation in English is available.
In this single application you can Find Prayer time, Azazn, Holy Quran, Qibla compass and Hijri calender.

Download Muslim Pro


  1. Prayer time calculator is based on the current position and time
  2. Audio and Visual notifications calls for prayer
  3. Holy Quran with translation in English, German, French and Turkish
  4. Powered Qibla compass to show you the direction to Makkah
  5. Complete Muslim calender with holy dates like Eid-Ul-Fitr and Eid-Ul-Adha

Sunrise/Sunset Finder:

Android introduces its best Ramadan application which traces sunrise and sunset timings. In the month of Ramadan every Muslim should wake up Early in the morning at Sehri and prepared their breakfast. Also at the time of Sunset this app will be useful for all Muslims. This application run on Android 1.5 or Higher. It allows the users to search the sunrise and sunset time of any city or country. It also displays moon phases and shows monthly calendar.

Download Sunrise/Sunset Finder

From any location on Earth, you can easily find out sunrise, sunset and the moon phases with the help of this Application

Ramadan Calendar:

As for the Iftar time, everyone is confused, but with Android applications you must not be worried about the Iftar and Sehar timings anymore, because Ramadan calender is there to help you. Ramadan calendar requires Android 2.0 and up to function. The interface is simple and the application is easy to use.

Download Ramadan Calendar

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