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We all know that “Angry Birds” have dominated the top ranks of iPhone games for the past years. But now eighth grader’s iPhone game named “Bubble Ball” has knocked “Angry Birds” from perch.

Now Bubble Ball has toppled “Angry Birds Seasons” to become the App Store’s number one free application for the iPhone. The program of game is driven by 4,000 lines of code and is also available for the Android.

Eighth grader Robert Nay of Spanish Fork, Utah, used his Ansca Mobile Corona SDK to write the game, the goal of which is to move a pink ball across several levels along with other objects and gravity.  Bubble ball was released on December 29th and has been downloaded 2 million times over the last several weeks.

The Bubble Ball game is so popular, that if it weren’t free, would have the potential to pay for Nay’s planned college education at Brigham Young University 113 times.  Nay, who is now chief executive officer of Nay Games, decided to develop the Bubble Ball app for the iPhone after a friend encouraged him.

Download Bubble Ball HERE!!!

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