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It is only been eight months since the release of Command & Conquer: Generals, the latest installation in this incredibly well-known real-time strategy series. Even though Generals is the first C&C that did not bear the name of Westwood Studios (the series’ unique developer), it was still every bit as action-packed and fast-paced as the series has ever been.

C&C Generals Zero Hour

Zero Hour does what any great real-time technique expansion pack should do: it adds significant amounts of content and depth to the unique product. It features different new units, technologies, and “generals powers” to each of the three groups from Generals–the high-tech USA army, the powerful forces of China, and the terrorist conglomerate called the GLA. It also features a totally new single-player mode: the generals challenge. Zero Hour also functions follow-up campaigns for each of the groups, consisting of five good-sized missions each. The core game, too, has gone through a number of little tweaks and advancements that make it play a bit better entire. These modifications and advancements address issues that players may have found in the original, either through its interface or its multiplayer. However, perhaps the most exciting addition to Zero Hour is the inclusion of nine new subfactions.

Lovers of Generals must get it, because, one time they do, they will never ever look back. Even those who gave Generals a try, but maybe did not warm up to it because of the nuts and bolts of the performance, should consider Zero Hour. Definitely, this is the result of a careful research of what sorts of things could have made Generals an even better game.

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