Download Death Worm for iPhone – Best Weekend Game

Death Worm is PlayCreek’s iOS version of the unique independent gaming by JTR. Not to be puzzled with the 8bit Ultra Mega Worm, Death Worm is a graphically distinct game of long lasting carnage that fully supports the iPhone’s Retina display.

In Death Worm, you perform as a monstrously huge worm eats or ruins just about everything in its path. Gameplay is about as easy as it can get: You manage the direction the worm is heading with a virtual d-pad. Speed is controlled by the same control, and the quicker you make the worm go underground, the higher it will jump in the air. Speed is also a crucial factor when getting on larger enemies. If you are going too slow, you will just push off of the enemy rather than destroy it.

Death Worm for iPhone
Download Death Worm for iPhone

From Egypt to South America and gradually on to the City Metropolis, 30 various enemies will try to stop the worm on 45 different stages. People, camels, birds, trucks, helicopters and even tanks can not seem to stop the onslaught that this worm has to provide. It helps is important that you can update your worm to move faster, grow in size and even throw fireballs — three features that come in handy when getting on larger opponents.

There are 3 basic modes you can play: Campaign, Survival and two Mini Games. Each level in Strategy Mode offers a different challenge, such as racking up so many kills in a particular amount of time or killing some number of opponents without sustaining any damage. Survival is an unlimited mode where you can just keep proceeding without any levels difficulties to contend with. With an upgrade program that intrudes an RPG-like feel to the game, a reasonable variety of enemy types to contend with, and 45 challenging levels that keep unlocking content, Death Worm will definitely keep you entertained this weekend.

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