Download Desktop SMS Manager for Android Phone

If you are searching for Desktop SMS Manager for your Android Phone which can send and receive text messages on your computer, than you are at right place. We have the ultimate solution of your SMS with desktop SMS manager. Desktop SMS Manager is very useful application for SMS chit chatters, specially when they are on job or sitting with college and their phone rings again & again. So no more worries for random SMS chatters, we have solution for this.  We didn’t say stop this because they can’t do so. But i will recommend you to do smartly. You just need to download two software’s one on your PC and other one your Android phone. After that you just connect your Android phone via USB cable and manage all your text messages on your PC. Follow the below steps how to install these software’s and integrate with your device.

How To Download SMS Manager For Android Phone:

  1. Firs of all you need to download and install Android SDK Install package on your PC from here. If Android SDK tool is already installed on your PC, your half of work done. Once SDK Installation package downloaded, unzip and run “SDK Setup.exe”.  Go to “setting” > “Misc” and check the box “Force https…”. Checkout in the below screenshot.sdk-setting
  2. Once this was done the interface downloaded the SDK packages. To save the time uncheck all except “USB Driver Packages”. After installing USB driver package reboot your PC.
  3. After that free  download and install this little desktop application MainGUI.jar on your PC.
  4. Once download complete run “MainGUI.jar” application and click “preference”. Browse to the path of your downloaded and unzipped SDK Install package. You need to select “adb.exe” file like this “/androidtools-skd-windows/tools/adb.exe”.Checkout the below screenshot. android-sms-mamanger
  5. After that gives the save directory path where ever you want to save your SMS.
  6. Now you need to download and install DesktopSMSserver.apk on your Android phone from here.
  7. To install unknown source desktop sms server .apk on you Android phone, you need to install ASTRO File manager. You can free download ASTRO file manager from here.
  8. Copy “desktopSMSServer.apk” to your Android device storage by mounting your Android Phone to your computer via USB.
  9. Using ASTRO File Manager browse to the directory on your SD card and touch the file “desktopSMSServer.apk”. The app should install. At this point all of your installation complete.

Now see how to send and receive Android Phone SMS on Computer Desktop:

  • First of all connect your phone to your PC and run DesktopSMS app on your Android phone.
  • Now start ‘MainGUI.jar’ application on your PC and click connect. Your contacts should download and be displayed. Double click one and send a message. As you see in the below

Hope you follow all the above steps carefully and successfully integrate your phone with PC to send and receive SMS. If you have any question or confusion in any of the above step feel free to ask.

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