Download Elixir For Your Android

Whenever we buy something, we usually know each and everything about it, same goes while buying phones (Android). Mostly people who buy Android phones already know all about the device they choose, but for those that don’t or who forget, Elixir can help. The app will display your Android phone’s system status, internal components, available storage, and many more things. It’ll even add a widget to the home screen with more information inside.

On opening this app Elixir, it displays current system status including the battery level, CPU frequency, available and used memory, available and used storage, and more. Drill deeper and you can see serial and model numbers for your Android phone’s components, like the motherboard name or model and type of display. Elixir also has a few widgets and controls that can come in handy if your phone doesn’t have them already. You can control the volume for individual alerts using the app, so if you want your alarm to ring loud but notifications to ring quietly, Elixir can modify the system settings for you from the one control screen. The app can even toggle your accelerometer on or off, and lock the screen orientation.

So, we can say it a very beneficial application for Android users.


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