Download Fancy Widgets For Your BlackBerry

BlackBerry users always have to deal with the customization thing. It can be wallpapers, ringtones, themes, or apps, there are countless ways to go about making your BlackBerry reflect who you are. This can also be done through widgets. While not a native function of BlackBerry at this time, you can still have widgets on your home screen with the help of applications such as Fancy Widgets.


With this app, you can add widgets such as stocks, weather, quotes, countdown, Twitter, and RSS feeds, and place them wherever you want. If you switch themes often, this is a key feature as you can reposition, add, and remove widgets as needed. You can even save and load previous profiles to save time. BerryWeather is supported as well, which is huge for a lot of you out there. This version has brought some worthwhile updates.

Changes in v1.2.4 are:

  • Improved Clock Widget. It is now Digital Clock. Supports custom fonts.
  • Fixed some Wallpaper switcher bugs.
  • Reworked all widget settings, added more visual customizations.
  • Totally reworked Weather widget. Added location picker, 3 layout templates and icon packs support.
  • Reworked Stocks widget. It has now 3 layout templates.
  • Internal fixes to improve stability.

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