Download Free Drag Racing 1.0.21 Game For Android

Drag Racing is a driving game for Android, its simple and easy game, in which you have to beat a single opponent only, on very small track.There a lot of cars of different varieties, you have choose your favourite car, and the object is to tune them up to keep winning races. When you win the game, you are rewarded by money and respect points, which you can then use to upgrade your car or buy a new one. If you’re lacking in respect points you can buy more through an in-app purchase.

Download Free Drag Racing 1.0.21 Game For Android

The key to winning races in Drag Racing is by shifting gears at the optimum moment. The game controls consist solely of holding the accelerator at the start then tapping the stick shifts on the side of the steering wheel as the RPM goes up.
There are different kinds of races in Drag Racing, there are 4 levels of difficulties. In single-player mode you can choose to race over two distances in four difficulty levels, moving up through levels as you complete them all. Drag Racing’s online mode includes, Face to Face, Driver Battle, and even a Bet and Race mode where you can stake respect points on the outcome. IN Pro League, you can test your skills against other online drivers.Graphically, Drag racing is low quality game. its Graphics are not the High quality, but it’s sound quality is realistic.
Drag Racing is one of the Best android racing Game. Its addictive too.

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