Download Fruits and Ninja Free for BlackBerry

The game is exciting, challenging, looks wonderful, and is very responsive. Perhaps since it was on other platforms and now on the Blackberry PlayBook, it may have increased my excitement. In any situation, Fruits and Ninjas offers a quick get a way from the daily routine with fun that will not take up too much of your time. With more superior games coming to the PlayBook, I wonder how much more I will start to play them on a daily basis. As for Fruits and Ninjas, you can download it today and it will cost you nothing. Download Fruits and Ninja by clicking here.

Download Fruits and Ninja Free for BlackBerry

Fruits and Ninja – slice your way to the top rankings of Juicy Ninjas! Be careful of bombs, unlock hidden accomplishments! Fruit or berry – turn it into tiny pieces!

Fruits and Ninja features three gameplay modes – Classic, Zen and the awesome Arcade mode, offering bonuses including Freeze, Add time and Double Score!

Download Fruits and Ninja Free for BlackBerry

You can unlock achievements and publish scores to online leaderboards. Your new scores will be added in your past scores. After reaching 1000 scores one hidden achievement will unlock and your sword is upgraded. So, keep playing and enjoy.

NOTE: You can modify sound volume by multi media key on the phone.

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