Download Google Docs App for Android

Now a days people are more using their mobile phones to access information. So, Google has also launched their Google Docs App for Android, to give you even more control than you had on its mobile site.

This app will not only let you view and edit documents, but also upload documents stored on your device or sent to your Gmail account. But the killer feature is the ability to create a new document by snapping a photo of text on paper. The app uses character recognition to convert the text into an editable document in your Google Docs account.

Check out the features of this awesome app:

  • Create, edit, upload and share your documents with the Google Docs app.
  • Designed for Android to save you time finding your docs.
  • Edits to your documents appear to collaborators in seconds.
  • Make quick changes to spreadsheets.
  • View your documents, PDFs, images and more.
  • Upload and convert files to the Google Docs format.
  • Take a photo of printed text and convert it to a Google document.
  • Share docs with your phone’s contacts.

So, say goodbye to the scanner. And Download Google Docs App for Android.

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