Download Honeycomb 3D Theme on Android Apk

If  you are addict to Honeycomb or you are just dreaming Honeycomb on your Android device, here is great news for you. Honeycomb 3D first official full theme is released and available for download. Its eye candy version of Honeycomb which is compatible for all Android CM7 devices with new theme chooser app. All credit of developing such a piece of art goes to XDA senior member and Android developer moneymike55. According to developer, he spend hundreds of hours throughout the last few months perfecting this theme. Developer also thanks to zexcrazy (the creator of “Animated Eye Candy”), jjhiza, nbeebe24, Yoshi team and haxzamatic. No doubt there is a great contribution of all these person for making such piece of tech.

Installing Honeycomb 3D theme is not so simple as compared to installing other apk files. So we will also guide you how to install Honeycomb 3D theme on your Android device. Follow the below step by step guide to successfully install Honeycomb 3D theme.

Installation Guide for Honeycomb 3D on Android Devices:

  1. First of all free download Honeycomb 3D theme apk file from here.
  2. Install Honeycomb 3D v1.apk, using App installer/file manager(Download Astro file Manager).
  3. Open theme chooser app and select Honeycomb 3D theme. If you don’t have theme chooser download from here.

Checkout the Honeycomb 3D theme screen shots.

You can also download Honeycomb Dock, Widgets, Wallpapers, Lock screen and Music player from the XDA active thread from here.

There are many other task in developers to do list like touch-up images, add honeycomb keyboard layout and honeycomb lock screen. Hope all these task are completed soon, stay tuned for more up dates or you may subscribe us via RSS Feed and via email for automatic updates.

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