Download HTC Inspire 4G D-i-l-l-i-g-a-f ROM [Guide]

Finally the new ROM for HTC Inspire 4G is released and available for download. The new ROM named as d.i.l.l.i.g.a.f and is developed by one of the senior member of XDA official forum di11gaf. This is the beta version of ROM which is tested by developer and its working smooth and fast. Kernal of this ROM is built from inspire source. Since it is the beta version of ROM so it wipe your all data, so we will recommend you to first backup your data before flashing this ROM. You can backup your data with titanium backup which come with this ROM, so you can easily reinstall everything soon as when flashing done. Checkout the cool features of dilligaf ROM.
Dilligaf ROM Features:
  • based on stock Inspire 4g firmware
  • framework and apps fully deodexed, zipaligned and optimized
  • extended power menu(reboot, recovery, bootloader, hot restart, hibernate, etc)
  • accurate % circle battery (matches everything)
  • custom window animations
  • removed all bloat
  • added AOSP filemanager(install apps from SD card before signing in to market)
  • install non-market apps (check box to enable in settings)
  • increased wifi scan time to 2 minutes for increased battery
  • rooted, SU, busybox + sqlite
  • lightly themed
  • nice default wallpaper
  • evo black bar mod
  • custom font(clean and clear)
  • simple, clean bootanimation + shutdown animations
  • init.d(run scripts at start)
  • all new, non-zipaligned apps in /data will zipalign at boot
Kernel Features:
  • included version
  • built from inspire source
  • disabled a bunch of kernel debug stuff(less kernel overhead,=faster, more battery efficient
  • init.d enabled
  • compilation optimizations
  •—-=adb run as root
  • (overclock/undervolt + more optimizations coming soon)
You can free download HTC Inspire 4G d.i.l.l.i.g.a.f ROM from here. Optional kernel is also available for download from here.
Flash inspire 4G ROM through clockwork recovery mod after you phone is rooted.
If you have any question or need support, you may discuss it in live XDA forum thread here.

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