Download HTC Thunderbolt custom ROM [Instruction Guides]

HTC Thunderbolt first custom ROM is just released and available for download. Fist custom ROM is the basic stock setup in which all the Verizon value added software is removed. The software which are removed based on 1.12.605.9 RUU that has been floating around. Besides the removal of the Verizon value added software’s, the ROM is deodexed, zip-aligned and has new latest version of Gmail and Android Market.

There are many cool features are added in first custom ROM. Checkout the below feature list.

Most crap bloat gone. All HTC bloat still there.
Boot animation, startup sound, and shutdown animation re-routed to system/media for more convenient modification.
Dalvik heapsize increased to 32M.
Wifi scan interval increased to 90 seconds, from 15 seconds.
newest market as of today.
latest gmail as of today.
busybox 1.19.

How To Root HTC Thunderbolt Instruction Guide:

To root your HTC Thunderbolt Android device follow the this link.


CWR has some issues, so flashing the kernel has become little bit difficult using adb reboot bootloader. ADB bootloader should boot you into fastboot USB.

Put the boot.img you downloaded into the same directory your command console is working from. Then, fastboot flash boot boot.img.
Once you done all this fastboot reboot.
To verify kernel flashed, your kernel date should be March 1st.

Free download HTC Thunderbolt custom ROM from here.

You can also download kernel from here.

To download missing Android Market app, Flash from here.

Hope you follow all the above instruction carefully and successfully flash new custom ROM on your HTC Thunderbolt. Don’t forget to checkout Android Gallery to get more free apps and much more.



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