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Another awesome app for iOS is here, named “Last Night Never Happened”. This app is by 22seeds for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch that deletes last night’s activity on Twitter and Facebook.

Sometimes at weekend you get carried away and end up posting embarrassing tweets, status updates and photos of yourselves and your friends. You might have forgotten that everyone including your family on Facebook and Twitter can see it. Now the tech world can help to cut your losses and save your reputation. Last Night Never Happened can also help you wipe out all the graphic account from your Facebook and Twitter streams.

We can say Last Night Never Happened is the life saving app that will help you avoid letting those posts spread on the internet and save you a lot of embarrassment. It’s a very well made, versatile app which deletes posts, photos, comments, tweets and direct messages from your twitter or Facebook accounts. Unfortunately, you cannot delete much from Facebook. On Facebook you can only erase photos and comments.


You just have to connect this life saving app to your Facebook or Twitter accounts and you can choose how far back you want to delete your activities. You can choose the time frame from one hour, going upto 48 hours and choose which posts you want to delete Tweets, Facebook photos and comments. You can now say goodbye to all the embarrasing things you ended up doing over the weekend and can magically fix your account and possibly your life.

Check out video demonstration HERE

Also check more Apple apps for iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch. Have a good day!!!

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