Download KipCall for your iOS to Call Facebook Friends

We have always provide you with awesome and most popular iPhone Apps and we always try to introduce you with all the new arrivals in App Store. Another application called “KipCall” is now available in App Store for download.

KipCall is an iPhone application that lets you call your Facebook friends without even dialing their phone number. It automatically finds that number on Facebook and makes the call. So you don’t need to remember or save all phone numbers anymore, just need to have that friend on Facebook. You can also decide who can and who can’t call you with KipCall and your number is kept secret. It works all the time, no WIFI or 3G required.

Here are some of the features of KipCall: 

  • See friends who are around you (less than 0.6 miles).
  • Keep control of who is allowed to call you.
  • Call your friends right away.
  • Send them an email on their actual inbox.


The important thing is that you need to have iPhone on both ends. So, also tell your friend to do so to make call to each other. You can also configure from who you can get a call and arrange friends.

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