Download Microsoft OneNote for your iPhone and iPod touch

Microsoft note-taking and sharing OneNote software is now available in a mobile version of Apple App Store for iPhone users (IOS 4.2 and higher) and for a limited time for free. Like other popular note-taking applications, such as Day One, Awesome Note and Google Notebook, OneNote is the purpose of Mobile to enable users to note, edit, and organize their notes on the go, and then access it from everywhere. All notes are sent to a cloud service that syncs across multiple platforms. Microsoft has not announced how it will charge for OneNote Mobile for the iPhone in the future, so if you’re a heavy user of Office, if it breaks now that is free, but hold off on spending too much time on this until Microsoft releases an update or two. This first version has some problems and limitations that bite enough to justify the wait.

OneNote Mobile, a search finds the text, images, bulleted lists and dialog boxes. Then synchronize your notes to keep the free Windows Live SkyDrive cloud storage to use, modify and manage them virtually anywhere, from your computer, or almost all browsers.

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Download Microsoft OneNote Free For iPhone and iPod Touch

  • iPhone or iPod touch must be 4.2 or higher
  • A free Windows Live ID is required to use OneNote Mobile
  • Features free web using OneNote Web App available on Windows Live SkyDrive, which requires a supported Web browser
  • OneNote Mobile will open notebooks created with Microsoft OneNote 2010 or OneNote Web Access

What’s New in Version 1.2

  • Search – search for text in notebooks, sections and pages
  • Pin recent note – keep your notes in the preferred top of the list that comes views
  • Set the image size for photos that you insert – select image sizes smaller for faster synchronization or larger sizes for high-fidelity images
  • The new color theme, which gives it a lighter App

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