Download Miso Music App Switch Your iPhone iPad Into Guitar Teacher

Now you can switch your iPhone and iPad into guitar teacher with miso music app. Its really cool and amazing, you can learn music by using your iPhone and iPad. As we already post top 3 best iPhone music apps free for download and MySpace Launches iPad App “Music Romeo” but when i review miso music app its look like one of the niftiest guitar training applications that I’ve seen. We can learn from this app, also we set your guitar setting without any any time. “Music Romeo” is music app which search and play music according to listener mood set by him.

You can also free download latest app here.

By using miso music app you can won the People’s Choice Award at TechCrunch Disrupt, after receiving the most votes from conference attendees browsing the Disrupt Startup Alley. It is quite easy to learn from this app. First you select the song; Miso has licensed music from Sony/ATV, which have rights to get music from Carriewood, The Beatles and much more. After selecting the music like the Beatles Black Bird, you will see a series of colorful dots move across the screen showing each note you are suppose to be play. Its is actually the mucis that you want to listen.
The Miso Mucis app is not available yet you will have to wait for this exciting music app. I m pretty shore that app is available after two week. After that you are able to buy from the App Store. I think when app goes live the basic version in for free. The full version of miso music app is at $2.99, which include more instruments.

More details related to this app is available on the offical site You can download MisoMucis App here.

Source: TecCrunch

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