Download MTV Music Meter for iPhone & iPad

Music Meter is MTV’s music discovery tool, which now also made the jump to Apple platform with apps for iPhone and iPad. Basically, Music Meter was launched in December as an online app for music discovery, but only for bands on the indie up and up, as opposed to the all-encompassing Lady Gaga.

Then, MTV worked with music intelligence company The Echo Nest, which recently did partnership with Island Def Jam to develop an algorithm that combs through blogs, social media, video and more traditional metrics like radio plays and sales to determine which bands are getting the most attention each day.

Now, this tool is easily available in app stores from where you can download. It is very easy to use, simply click on any artist on the chart for tracks, photos, tweets referencing that band, news and a bio.

Unfortunately, it has one weak point which is, you can only listen to 30 second previews of tracks, courtesy of Rhapsody. This seems to be the case even if one is a Rhapsody subscriber, which seems a little silly especially since MTV and the subscription services are currently offering a 60 day free trial. This seems like a missed opportunity, since we can easily see users of the app being turned on to Rhapsody while discovering new music, and subsequently signing up for the service when the trial ran out.

Besides, this weak point still the app is a easy to use, clean looking, slick way to discover music. One can also search for bands via this app, which we can see being useful when one is out and about or chatting with friends about new acts.

You can download this app here, CLICK

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