Download My Little Pony Free for Andoird phones and tablets

I am the only one here at uptomark who has young little ones, so it got as a bit of a surprise that I had to deal with off the other guys for first dibs at the My Little Pony game for Android.

It also was a little bit of an unwanted delight that for a kids game, you have an extra 87 mb of data to download. And do not hand your phone or tablet in excess of your kid just yet, there is a scrolling scroll of scrollable doublespeak to recognize before you get at any place near those much loved ponies.

And as soon as you get via all that (OK, it’s not all that challenging, but come on, this is a youngster’s game!), finally you are in Ponyville, where seemingly Nightmare Moon has cast the whole town into darkness. A little perplexing because the sun’s up and birds are singing, but whatever. Just tell your kids it has to do with last weekend’s time change, and they will be none the smarter.

From there, the game happily guides you through the ins and outs of anything it is you are supposed to be doing with a few beneficial arrows. I am still not quite sure what it was I was doing, or which personality was doing it, or why that cranked hot-air balloon kept flying by and annoying me. But I am also fairly sure the little girls who just stole my Nexus 7 do, and which is all that issues. They also do not seem to mind the in-game marketing, which is good, because the game was free in the first place.

So if you want to be the best mother or father ever this weekend, hit the link below and kiss your Android operating system goodbye for a few days. Because it’s Pony Time.

Click Here to Download My Little Pony Free for your Android

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