Download MyWeather Dial App for iPad

When the weather becomes risky, we all want a lot for Intel as we can get. This is a new application for iPad weather has just been published on a website called MyWeather Dial. There are many meteorological applications available on the App Store, but we thought it was app iPad unique and worthy of consideration.

I have studied several applications of iPad weather, and many of them are full of information and can’t be easy to navigate. When it comes time updates iPad device I want is clean, simple and elegant. I like the online experience to a news MyWeather time staff and products. MyWeather dial the iPad offers such a forecast to be smart and beautiful experience.

The MyWeather iPAD displays forecast data only. For radar maps and current conditions, Download MyWeather iPhone Application. The iPhone application is fully compatible with the original iPAD and iPAD 2.

MyWeather Dial features:

  1. Time base set conditions for the next 7 days More than 100 videos of the day and night sky conditions
  2. Synchronize with your website account user desktop app, mobile application (requires free account on
  3. Unlimited saved locations worldwide
  4. Turn the switch to hourly data logger
  5. Temperature
  6. “It feels like” temperature
  7. Sky Condition
  8. Hi / low temperature for the day
  9. Precipitation (rain, snow, ice) totals for each hour and day
  10. Chance of precipitation
  11. Humidity
  12. Barometer
  13. Sunrise / Sunset
  14. The wind speed and direction
  15. Dew point

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